Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First snow of the season

Pictures about 8 AM 11-20-2007

First real snow for the fall and have about eight inches.

Out the living room window toward the pond and Ross Peak (daily picture sight).

Out the front door window, My shop.

Out the Master bedroom window toward the pond.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Daily Picture for November, 2007

11-24-2007 Cool and crisp again. No antelope today. Water constant at 4' 5".

11-23-2007 5PM Moon coming up over the Bridgers

11-23-2007 clear and cold (-8.7 last night). About twenty five antelope came by this morning. Water holding at 4' 5".

11-22-2007 Happy Thanksgiving! Cold, down to -6 last night. Still no wind to scatter the white stuff.
Water about 4' 6" at 4 PM. Not going up as fast as I think it should; probably broken out the leak again. See new tracks, but no animals while I was looking.

11-21-2007 Snowed little flakes most of the day. About one hundred antelope at the pond and in an adjacent field. Several worked over a big Juniper tree pretty well. Water up to 4' 5" about 5 PM up from 4'3.5" at 8 AM. Cool and crisp, no wind.

11-20-2007 8 AM Have about eight inches of heavy wet snow - not the light fluffy stuff I am used to. used the snow thrower last night and will do most with it today. No tracks in the new blanket yet. Water up to 4' 1" and rising about one inch every five hours. Took a few more winder wonderland pictures and they are in another post.

11-19-2007 Guess Indian summer is over. Took the picture about 11:30 A.M. and there is about four inches of snow on the ground now. at 5 PM. Water about 3'10" at 5 PM.

11-18-2007 About 11:30 AM a big buck deer came by. Water 3'2".

No Picture for the 16th or 17th; days just getting too short - need to adjust my schedule. On the 17th I spread bentonite and started the water about 4 PM. Had about forty five antelope at the pond earlier in the day.

11-15-2007 Late again, but I got it where I didn't get one yesterday. Not much wind and fairly mild today. Didn't see any animals at the pond and the water level is still about 2'8". Thin skin of ice so I couldn't get the tumble weeds out that blew in the last two days. Weather permitting, I will spread some bentonite on Saturday

No picture on 11-14-2007

11-13-2007 New snow in the Bridgers. Cold and windy today and yesterday (didn't get a picture for the 12th). Water at 2' 8". I think it needs to drop another 8" to get to the leak and at 1/2 " every two days, might not have time for it to get to stable. Antelope starting to gather again. Don't know how they know, but Antelope season ended Sunday. About forty head in extended herd.

No Picture for November 12, 2007





11-7-2007 Another great day. reached about 58 degrees and no wind. Water down another 1/2 inch to 2' 9.5". About eight antelope in while I was taking the pictures.

11-7-2007 Closer up on on antelope

11-6-2007 A little cooler and mostly overcast, but still not too bad. Water down to 2'10". a few antelope were in for water.

11-5-2007 Another great day. A little cooler and a little breezy. Water still about 2' 10.5" . down a little. Didn't see any animals. Had to go to town to get a tooth pulled and a root canal redone.

11-4-2007 This great fall continues. Seems to be just a little less snow in the upper Bridgers. Still windy and warm - up to about 65 around 2 pm when I walked. Pond still at 2' 11". I'll wait a couple more days, but I'm pretty sure the water level is stable. Got more of the vegetation out of the water or close to the banks. Just animal tracks at the pond ; getting water when I was not looking.

11-3-2007 A little late getting this picture and the sky has a few clouds. Still a bit windy, but not too bad. Waater still at 2" 11". I can't say I found the leak, but my tromping the edges must have worked. Next week wehn I turn the water back on, I will know!! No animal visitors today.

11-2-2007 The sky couldn't be much bluer.
A bit of wind, but spectacular. Water still at 2'11". No animals, just tracks at the pond.

11-1-2007 Still another fantastic day. Fairly large batch of antelope in the field above bunched up and nervous. Water holding about 2'11". going to spread some bentonite and restart the water Saturday or Sunday. Bit of wind this afternoon which blew the leaves off the lawn and started the tumble weeds.

11-1-2007 Closer up of the antelope

Monday, October 1, 2007

Daily Picture for October 2007

10-31-2007 And the great weather continues. Reminds me of 1976 when it stayed warm until Jan 3, 1977 when we got the first snow that stayed. I started a water line project at my old place on November 3, 1976 and the ground didn't freeze until early in January. Water about 2'11".

Antelope moving a lot. Still both big bucks so the hunters aren't getting close enough yet.

10-30-2007 Didn't get a picture today. Water still about 3' and still murky from my wading, etc. yesterday. Rain again in the morning burning off nice in the afternoon. Didn't seen any animals

10-29-2007 Some rain in the morning, but it opened up and was nice in the PM.

Removed a lot of the vegetation from the pond and didn't get quite done. Slipped on some bentonite and ended up with my pants wet and my boots full of water. Water still about 3'. Antelope coming in at night.

10-28-2007 Was just about too late to get this picture, but the great fall continues. Mild and just fantastic. Water holding around the three foot level. So frustrating not knowing where the leak is!

About thirty five antelope, well scattered but still coming here for water.

10-27-2007 Antelope scattered but saw about fifteen. Indian summer continues.

10-26-2007 Cool and overcast today. Rain during the night and into the morning. When the clouds raise, will probably be plenty more snow in the mountains. Just seeing tracks at the pond. Animals seem to be hiding during the day and travel at night. Water still about 3' 1"; might be stabilized. Worked on a couple of areas that might be leaks, but not ready to say I found the problem.

10-25-2007 Another nice cool day. No animals that I saw. Water at 3'1" about 5pm. The setting sun makes it look like more snow that there actually is in the Bridgers

10-24-2007 Looks a lot like yesterday's picture as it was another fantabulous (that word really fits some days) day. No animals that I saw and I mowed the lawn and didn't get a water level measurement. Just about time to spread some more bentonite and start the water again.

10-23-2007 Another great big Sky day. Must have been close to seventy degrees. Animals scattered and moving quickly. Water 3' 2" - the leak should show up soon.

10-22-2007 Getting dark when I took my picture. Nice mild day. Hunters out and the game is scattered. Water at 3'3" - leak still not evident.

10-21-2007 Another great day. Lots of deer, antelope and several elk evading the hunters. The fox was out. Water at 3' 4".

10-20-2007 Another cool windy blustery day. A little moisture. Water level was 3'4" about 1:00 PM. Lots of tracksat the pond, but no animals close while I was looking. Some Elk on the edge of the stubble just out of the left side of the picture.

10-19-2007 Kinda cool today; rained early and then again about 2 PM. Took a lot of the snow out of the mountains. Water level was 3' 5" at 8:30 AM

10-18-2007 More snow in the mountains, but still a beautiful fall. A little windy but mild temperature. Deer in the adjacent fields but no visitors that I saw at the pond. No water level reading today.

10-17-2007 Been raining off and on most of the day. Fresh the snow in the Bridgers. Still mild weather and no snow at lower elevations not much wind. Didn't see any animals at the pond. Water up about an inch due to rain.

10-16-2007 Another beautiful day for the most part. A little rain started about 5:30 pm and it looks like it will settle in. Didn't see any visitors at the pond. Water level is 3' 6" and stabilizing almost. Still can't see a leak, but I know there is one.

10-15-2007 Great time to live in Montana - I know these great days will not last, but they are great while they are here. Only one lone buck at the pond that I saw. Didn't get a water measurement today. Have all the outside water lines blown out and ready for the coming cold.

10-14-2007 No picture today water at 3.7". Just antelope tracks at the pond.

10-13-2007 Just another great day. Didin't see any animals. water at 3'9".

10-12-2007 Another great one. At least one bunch of antelope in for water. Didn't get a measurement on water but it is down another inch I'm guessing.

10-11-2007 Bright and clear and mild; can't think of a better place to be. Lot of snow left the Bridgers. Water about 3' 10". Didn't see any visitors.

10-10-2007 Another greeat Montana fall day. Had to go to town. Didn't see any animals and no water measurement.

10-9-2007 Fabulous fall day. Three different bunches of antelope al at the pond in succession. Several big bucks; about thirty head in all.

Water level 3' 11" at dark.

10-8-2007 Beautiful fall day. Deer, fox and antelope visitors. Water depth 4' at 6pm.

10-7-2007 Fairly nice day. No wind. No animals. Water down to 4' 2" at noon.

10-6-2007 First snow of the season today. Didn't stay too long. Rain and snow all night and most of the day today. Water in pond at 4' 3.5 inches at 1:00 pm. Still going down even with all the natural moisture - maybe next week the problem will show up. The two fawns and mother were on the lawn again last evening.

10-5-2007 Rain started about midnight. rianed all night and most of the morning; about .3 inches. Been drizzling most of the day. No animals while I was looking. Water down to 4'4.5" at 9:45 am. Hard to tell what is going on with rainfall adding to water level. I will tromp the soft spots tomorrow and put out a little more bentonite.

10-4-2007 Nice day, just a little wind. Four younger buck antelope came to the pond that I saw. The herd bucks are keeping a close eye on their girls this time of year. Shut water off. still have leak. ater dropped about three inches in twelve hours.

10-3-2007 Still windy and cool, no rain. Lone old big buck antelope (probably last year's herd buck). Water about 4 feet ' 5.5 inches at 4:45 pm. Rising slowly, I probably still have a leak.

10-2-2007 - more rain last night and more snow in the mountains. Didn't get good measurement on water but about 4' 4.5". Didn't see any animals today, but hunters have been out and the antelope are spooked. The deer doe and two fawns were at the pond last night.

10-1-2007 Blustery fall day. Windy, cool, rain sprinkles on and off. No animals that I saw. Water up to 4' 1".

One of Judy's flower arrangements.